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About the Recipe Circus
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There are literally thousands of food and recipe sites on the Internet, and many of them are very well done.  I've spent years surfing the Web, assessing these and organizing them into dozens of categories so that other "surfers" will have easy access to them, too.

Over the course of the last six years, since I set up Mimi's Cyber Kitchen, I've heard from several thousand people about the things they want and need to find on the Internet.  Mostly, they are looking for specific recipes, but some were also generous in sharing their own special family heirloom recipes, and requested that I share them with others.  So we set up the Recipe Exchange Board on MCK, which is divided into several boards.  Besides the recipe exchange, there are:

  • The Kitchen Table for chit chat
  • In Memoriam a place to share special feelings and recipes which we associate with our dearly departed loved ones
  • The Book Forum for the discussion of cookbooks
  • Kitchen Hints to share those special tricks we've learned to do things in a better way
  • The Cookie and Candy Exchange which was specifically set up to help people during the holidays, but remains active throughout the year
  • Craft Corner because many of our active members also share these interests
  • Internet---Help Me! which is a place where people with general Internet problems can ask questions and get real answers without fear of intimidation

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen started out as a site for me to put my own recipes online to share and organize a few links to other foods sites.  Since then I've heard from many who need help in setting up their own recipe websites.  For some who may not be computer- or Internet-literate , the task is daunting.  First you need a place to store the recipes, your own website.  Next, you need software to put it together.  Then there are the various factors that go into actually building the site so that it functions well without a cluttered appearance.  And finally, when it's all done, how do you get people to look at it?

You could hire someone to set all that up for you, but you're looking at a serious investment in time and money.  In fact, if you want something beyond The Recipe Circus, we can do that for you.  Please contact us, but be warned that we will charge for that.

To start your own website you must register your own domain name.  That will cost you about $75 for two years and must be renewed after that time.  (If you let it lapse, people won't know where to find you again.)  Or you could set up a free site on Geocities or a similar site, but many search engines refuse to accept links to some of these places because the turnover rate is so high, leaving them (the search engines) with a constant supply of dead links.  Besides, they are very slow to load and have these annoying pop-up ads.  Either way you decide to go, all you get is blank still have to fill it in.

The Recipe Circus eliminates all the fuss and bother, the need for lots of software and manuals, and expense of creating your own recipe site because we've done the hard work for you by:

    • Setting up the domain
    • Creating a template which allows you to customize your own space
    • Allowing you to store ALL your recipes
    • Assigning you your own personal website address which INCLUDES your user name

And the best part of all, it's all free!




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