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    Stove Top Grey Enamel Grate Cleaner

    Source of Recipe

    Recipe Introduction

    Cleaning the stove is always one of the more challenging aspects of kitchen maintenance. Stove burner grates get splattered with sauces and crumbs which then get burned into place and take a lot of scrubbing and cleansers to remove. If burner grates aren't regularly cleaned, the build-up can get impossible to deal with. There is a much easier way, however, to clean grates without all the harsh scrubbing and dulling of that porcelain enamel finish. Read on for tips on how to clean your stove burner grates with ammonia. hings You’ll Need:

    * Rubber gloves
    * Gallon size (or larger) zipper closure plastic bags
    * Ammonia
    * Well-ventilated area to work
    * Kitchen scrubber sponge
    * Tarp and bucket of water (optional)

    Step 1:
    Turn the oven hood exhaust fan on if you have one. Crack open a window or door while you are working with the ammonia, even if it's winter. Ammonia fumes are potent and excessive exposure can be harmful.

    Step 2:
    Put on rubber gloves. Remove one stove burner grate and place inside plastic bag. You can also add the burner cover.

    Step 3:
    Hold bag upright in the sink. Pour ¼ cup of ammonia into the bag. (This small amount is enough--it's the fumes, not the liquid, that will clean the grates.)

    Step 4:
    Quickly seal bag and close lid on ammonia bottle.

    Step 5:
    Repeat Steps 2 through 4 for the remaining burner grates.

    Step 6:
    If possible, keep bagged grates in sink in case of accidental leaking of ammonia. If not convenient, store out of the way in a dishpan or other open container.

    Step 7:
    Leave grates in bags for one hour. If you haven't cleaned your grates in a long time and they are extra soiled, leave them in for up to three hours.

    Step 8:
    Wearing gloves, open bag in sink and aimed away from you. Quickly pour ammonia out, then remove stove grate and burner cover from bag.

    Step 9:
    Rinse bag and discard.

    Step 10:
    Using the scrubber sponge and some water, clean the grate and burner cover. The baked on food should just slide right off with minimal or no scrubbing at all.

    Step 11:
    Rinse grate and cover and towel dry, or allow to air dry.

    Step 12:
    Repeat Steps 8 through 11 for all stove burner grates and covers.
    Tips & Warnings

    * In favorable climates, it's a good idea to do this project outside in the fresh air. Spread a tarp out to work on, preferably in the shade. Bring a bucket of water for the final cleaning of the grates. Let the burner grates and covers dry on the tarp.
    * Read and follow all the guidelines on the ammonia bottle. Be careful not to mix ammonia with any other cleansers, especially those containing bleach.
    * Keep ammonia and this cleaning project away from children and pets.


    * Ammonia and other cleaners at Ace Hardware
    * Kitchen sponges and other accessories at Linens 'n Things




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