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CATEGORY is Appetizers
Chicken Drumettes (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 23:31:29
Cocktail Orange Pecans (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 21:51:37
Deviled Eggs with Bacon Jam (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 20:24:42
Fried Dill Pickles (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 22:00:16
Glazed Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 21:42:50
Mozzarella, Basil and Quick Tomato Jam (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 04:23:59
Okra Fritters with Thousand Island Dressing (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 23:42:39
Paul's Coconut Beer Shrimp (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 22:17:04

CATEGORY is Barbecue-Grill
Barbecued Picnic Chicken (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 19:00:48
Sauce: Bourbon Barbecue Sauce (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 02:20:52
Sauce: Sweet and Spicy Barbecue Sauce (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 02:21:27
Sauce: Vinegar Sauce (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 06:26:09
Side: Bacon-Horseradish Potato Salad (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 23:51:56
Side: Loaded Potato Salad (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 10:48:09

CATEGORY is Bath-Body
Baby Powder (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 13:20:18
Baby's Bottom Balm (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 12:31:11
Basic Cold Cream (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 11:14:21
Beard Conditioning Taming Balm (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 14:55:07
Buttery Body Oil (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 12:16:01
Chocolate Lip Gloss (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 11:42:55
Cocoa Butter Lotion (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 11:57:50
Cocoa-Nut Body Butter (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 14:30:23
Coconut Cloud Cream (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 11:32:46
Fizzy Bath Bombs (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 11:04:58
Intensive Nighttime Facial Cream (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 13:38:20
Key Lime Pie Body Scrub (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 14:00:08
Nourishing Lavender Body Oil (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 14:11:42
Original Greek Cold Cream (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 11:24:55
Peppermint Cocoa Lip Balm (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 13:48:33
Terrific Tinted Lip Gloss (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 13:55:08
Tropical Tanning Body Oil (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 12:42:18
Vanilla Lip Gloss (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 11:39:46
Vanilla Spice Powder (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 13:13:10
Vanilla Velvet Honey Lip Balm (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 12:50:56
Velvet Moisture Body Butter (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 14:08:16
Velvety Vanilla Oil (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 13:04:18

CATEGORY is Beverages
Ade: Blueberry Mint Lemonade (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 23:58:08
Ade: Pineapple Limeade (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 00:01:05
Ade: Sparkling Strawberry Lime Lemonade (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 23:54:40
Carbonated: Homemade Ginger Ale (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 00:10:10

Fudge Filled Peanut Butter Muffins (MarlasRecipes)Thu 6/May/2021 10:39:04

Cornmeal Parker House Rolls (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 15:20:31
Herbed Beer Bread (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 21:08:00
Honey Mustard Pretzel Rolls (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 09:31:29
Jack's Easy Beer Bread (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 17:04:46
Lemon Biscuits (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 16:44:30
Picnic Bread (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 21:46:36
Savory Scallion and Bacon Scones (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 09:38:20

CATEGORY is Breakfast-Brunch
Aebleskivers (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 00:54:05
Bacon 'n' Egg Sandwiches (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 16:34:45
Baked Eggs in Ham Cups (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 19:02:06
Breakfast Sausage (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 19:07:35
Buttery Baked Vanilla Bean French Toast (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 01:32:14
Coddled Eggs (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 19:19:51
Country-Style Scrambled Eggs (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 16:39:34
Creamy Oatmeal (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 18:51:39
Dilled Salmon Quiche (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 22:35:35
Fluffy Flapjacks (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 00:41:13
Fresh Country Pork Sausage Patties (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 20:29:06
Garlic Cheese Grits Soufflé (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 07:29:03
Glazed Vanilla Bean Doughnuts (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 05:35:38
Golden Waffles (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 18:45:53
Granola (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 16:56:13
Homesteader Scrapple (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 19:00:16
Honey-Vanilla Granola Clusters (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 02:55:15
Light, Crisp Vanilla Waffles (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 01:03:19
Lucy's Orange Rolls (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 21:05:59
Old-Fashioned Oatmeal (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 16:49:09
Pennsylvania Dutch Scrapple (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 02:47:11
Santa Barbara Omelet (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 00:33:21
Slow-Cooked Vanilla Spice Oatmeal (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 00:21:56
Syrup: Vanilla-Bourbon Maple Syrup (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 01:08:53
Tender Pancakes (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 20:02:15
Vanilla Bean Dutch Baby (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 19:34:18
Vanilla, Brown Sugar, and Black Pepper Bacon (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 19:16:43

CATEGORY is Butters-Spreads
.Flavored Cream Cheeses (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 07:17:43
Butter: Honey Butter (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 07:08:21
Butter: Salty Maple Butter (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 04:58:33
Butter: Vanilla Bean Honey Butter (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 05:41:31
Spread: Smoked Salmon Spread (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 05:24:21

CATEGORY is Cajun-Creole
Cajun Popcorn with Garlic Mayonnaise (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 21:18:06
Shrimp and Crab Gumbo (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 05:16:41

CATEGORY is Cakes-Tortes
Cupcakes: Ultimate Vanilla Cupcakes (Catgurrl)Tue 11/May/2021 18:52:45
Pound Cake with Fresh Peaches and Cream (Catgurrl)Tue 11/May/2021 18:12:36

CATEGORY is Canning-Preserving
Fig Preserves with Thyme and Balsamic Vinegar (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 00:15:27
Icebox Cucumbers (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 22:19:28
Pickled Asparagus (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 23:02:55
Short Ribs in Red Wine (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 00:51:24
Strawberry Preserves in Balsamic-Black Pepper Syrup (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 22:46:58
Vanilla-Ginger-Bourbon Pear Preserves (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 23:26:46

CATEGORY is Casseroles
Chicken Enchiladas (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 19:48:59
Ham and Noodle Casserole (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 18:59:33

Hearty sausage and Rice (Remasd)Sat 8/May/2021 14:44:04

CATEGORY is Casseroles
Hot Chicken Salad Casserole (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 16:20:17

CATEGORY is Chicken

CATEGORY is ComfortFood
Baked Macaroni and Cheese (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 18:26:24
Broccoli-Cheddar Soup (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 16:35:06
Cheddar Cheese Soup (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 21:18:00
Chicken and Dumplings (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 20:41:52
Chicken PotPie (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 08:35:52
Creamed Potatoes (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 17:28:37
Creamy Cheddar Soup (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 16:26:45
Creamy Oatmeal (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 18:51:53
Creamy Vanilla Rice Pudding (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 06:48:48
Fettuccine Alfredo (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 18:18:24
Ham and Noodle Casserole (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 18:59:46
Hot Chicken Salad Casserole (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 16:20:31
Momma's Turkey and Dumplings (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 15:54:51
Roasted Tomato Soup (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 19:44:31
Sunday Chicken Stew (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 15:37:13

CATEGORY is Condiments
.Storage Tips for Hot Sauces (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 22:00:03
Bacon Mayonnaise (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 21:03:05
Ballpark-Style Yellow Mustard (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 22:23:57
Bavarian-Style Mustard (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 23:06:14
Caribbean Hot Sauce (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 02:57:02
Dijon Mustard (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 00:31:20
Herbed Mayonnaise (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 21:07:26
Jalapeño Sauce (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 22:16:51
Ketchup (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 01:06:56
Louisiana Hot Sauce (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 21:37:13
Magic Mayonnaise (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 22:25:23
Mayonnaise (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 20:56:05
Mustard Three Ways (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 01:14:09
Satan Sauce (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 21:31:04
Spicy Bavarian Beer Mustard (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 22:26:17
Spicy Brown Mustard (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 22:33:09
Spicy Horseradish Mustard (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 20:27:38
Sweet and Spicy Ketchup (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 02:10:06
Tartar Sauce (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 21:11:31
Whole-Grain Mustard (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 23:33:27
Yucatán Gold (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 21:47:33

CATEGORY is Crockpot
Cashew Nut Rice Pilaf (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 09:07:43
Crock Pot Cheesy Beefy Mac Casserole (amyrose)Sat 8/May/2021 09:25:46
Momma's Turkey and Dumplings (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 15:54:37
Slow-Cooked Vanilla Spice Oatmeal (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 00:22:08
Sunday Chicken Stew (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 15:36:58

CATEGORY is Desserts
Blackberry Rice Pudding (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 23:36:41
Chocolate Pudding in a Jar (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 23:31:21
Creamy Vanilla Rice Pudding (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 06:49:00
Magic Peach Cobbler (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 17:41:36
Sauce: White Hot Fudge (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 19:51:03

Buttermilk (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 17:10:33
Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 20:17:16
Leather Cream (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 23:15:41

CATEGORY is Fish-Shellfish
Catfish: Herbed Catfish Fingers (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 20:40:07
Clams: Clam Fritters with Tartar Sauce (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 21:34:50
Crab Cakes: Classic Maryland Crab Cakes (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 21:45:53
Oysters: Classy Butter-Fried Oysters (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 21:08:32
Salmon: Dilled Fresh Salmon Cakes (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 21:01:07
Shrimp: Buttermilk-Battered Fried Shrimp (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 21:13:45
Shrimp: Shrimp and Rice Croquettes (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 00:59:01
Tuna: Sunday Supper Tuna Croquettes (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 20:48:38

Bourbon-Vanilla Cherries (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 03:25:12
Three-Berry Compote (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 20:06:42

Balsamic Blackberry Glaze (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 06:12:16
Bourbon-Vanilla Cherries (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 03:27:21
Candied Vanilla Popcorn (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 02:16:05
Chocolate-Coconut Popcorn (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 06:50:14
Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 19:42:53
Fizzy Bath Bombs (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 11:05:12
Fried Sugared Walnuts (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 06:19:30
Frosted Vanilla Almonds (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 06:17:46
Mixed Cocktail Nuts (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 04:04:08
Nutty Vanilla Spread (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 19:41:53
Roasted Cashews with Rosemary (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 19:19:56
Smoky Candied Popcorn (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 07:00:12
White Hot Fudge (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 19:51:20

CATEGORY is LunchCounter
Basic Grilled Cheese (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 20:15:12
Bertha's Tuna Salad (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 10:08:52
Cheddar-Broccoli Soup (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 04:36:03
Classic Chicken Salad (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 18:45:43
Creamy Cheddar Soup (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 16:26:59
Gale's Egg Salad (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 10:03:42
Ham and Provolone with Giardiniera (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 09:56:12
Roasted Tomato Soup (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 20:11:00
Simple Chicken Burritos (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 10:22:33
Turkey Reuben (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 09:46:06
Turkey, Brie, and Apple Sandwich with Hot Mustard Sauce (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 21:20:34

CATEGORY is MainDish
Chicken Enchiladas (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 19:49:21
Chicken PotPie (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 08:36:22

Horseradish-Encrusted Beef Tenderloin (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 19:06:34
Tender Sweet and Sour Pork Chops (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 19:16:11

CATEGORY is Miscellaneous
Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 20:17:29
Nutty Vanilla Spread (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 19:41:18

CATEGORY is Muffins
Debbie's Blue Ribbon Maine Muffins (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 19:13:58
Morning Glory Muffins (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 19:06:41

Baked Macaroni and Cheese (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 18:26:55

One Pan Feta with Cherry Tomatoes (dands)Sun 9/May/2021 08:00:19

Spaghetti and Meatballs (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 18:46:54
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 18:54:29
Spicy Chicken and Bacon Mac (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 18:53:52

CATEGORY is Pastries
Glazed Vanilla Bean Doughnuts (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 05:35:59
Lucy's Orange Rolls (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 21:06:10

CATEGORY is PicnicBasket
Bacon-Horseradish Potato Salad (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 23:51:35
Barbecued Picnic Chicken (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 19:00:30
Blueberry Ginger Hand Pies (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 23:48:54
Chicken Drumettes (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 23:31:38
Chilled Cucumber Soup (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 21:27:39
Chocolate Pudding in a Jar (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 23:31:10
Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 18:03:11
Classic Chicken Salad (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 18:42:13
Cucumber Salad with Dilled Sour Cream Dressing (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 00:40:43
Egg and Olive Salad (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 20:30:06
Flank Steak Wrap with Chipotle Mayo (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 19:36:53
Fresh Peach Ice Cream (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 17:25:53
Fudge Cake (Catgurrl)Tue 11/May/2021 18:32:56
Gale's Egg Salad (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 10:03:30
Gazpacho (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 22:28:43
Loaded Potato Salad (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 10:47:52
Marinated Pasta Salad (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 17:17:18
Mexican Chicken Salad (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 10:33:11
Mint Julep Fruit Salad (Catgurrl)Tue 11/May/2021 17:52:08
Picnic Bread (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 21:47:07
Shrimp Salad (Catgurrl)Tue 11/May/2021 17:56:33
Simple Chicken Burritos (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 10:22:59
Sliced Tomatoes with Lemon Caper Sauce (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 17:55:57
Teriyaki Chicken Salad (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 23:19:25
Thai Summer Rolls (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 18:16:06
Tomato Soup with Basil & Parmesan Cream (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 22:49:06
Tortellini Chicken Salad (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 17:39:49
Turkey, Brie, and Apple Sandwich with Hot Mustard Sauce (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 21:20:22
Watermelon Gazpacho (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 22:36:31

CATEGORY is Pies-Tarts
Blueberry Ginger Hand Pies (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 23:49:05

Tarte Flambée (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 20:26:40

CATEGORY is Poultry
Deloris's Fried Chicken (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 07:37:18

Cashew Nut Rice Pilaf (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 09:06:27
Consommé Rice with Mushrooms (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 08:01:11

CATEGORY is Salad-n-Dressing
Bacon-Horseradish Potato Salad (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 23:51:21
Classic Chicken Salad (Catgurrl)Thu 6/May/2021 18:41:41
Cucumber Salad with Dilled Sour Cream Dressing (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 00:40:19
Grainy Mustard Dressing (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 04:27:25
Layered Club Salad (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 00:04:14
Loaded Potato Salad (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 10:47:40
Mexican Chicken Salad (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 10:33:00
Molded Salmon Salad (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 00:17:43
Mozzarella, Basil and Quick Tomato Jam (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 04:23:45
Savannah Vinaigrette (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 00:33:15
Shrimp Salad (Catgurrl)Tue 11/May/2021 17:56:48
Teriyaki Chicken Salad (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 23:19:15

Summertime Cucumber and Cottage Cheese Salad (MarlasRecipes)Sat 8/May/2021 10:45:03

CATEGORY is Sandwiches
Basic Grilled Cheese (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 20:14:59
Egg and Olive Salad (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 20:30:23
Filling: Bertha's Tuna Salad (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 10:09:13
Filling: Gale's Egg Salad (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 10:04:08
Flank Steak Wrap with Chipotle Mayo (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 19:37:28
Ham and Provolone with Giardiniera (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 09:55:56
Turkey Reuben (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 09:45:54
Turkey, Brie, and Apple Sandwich with Hot Mustard Sauce (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 21:20:10

CATEGORY is Sauces
Balsamic Blackberry Glaze (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 06:11:05
Classic Steak Sauce (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 18:08:53
Steak Butter Sauce (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 18:01:55
Vanilla Beurre Blanc (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 19:23:09
Vinegar Sauce (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 06:25:08

CATEGORY is Shrimp
Sichuan Shrimp Stir Fry (MEANCHEF)Thu 6/May/2021 14:32:38

Candy Cane White Fudge (MarlasRecipes)Fri 7/May/2021 11:11:25

CATEGORY is Snacks
Candied Vanilla Popcorn (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 02:15:53
Chocolate-Coconut Popcorn (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 06:51:14
Crack Crackers (Catgurrl)Tue 11/May/2021 18:17:39
Fried Sugared Walnuts (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 19:27:43
Frosted Vanilla Almonds (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 06:17:36
Honey-Vanilla Granola Clusters (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 02:55:29
Mixed Cocktail Nuts (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 04:04:53
Roasted Cashews with Rosemary (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 18:32:54
Smoky Candied Popcorn (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 07:00:33

CATEGORY is Soup-Chowder
Beer Cheese Soup (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 16:05:12
Broccoli-Cheddar Soup (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 16:34:10
Cheddar-Broccoli Soup (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 04:35:49
Chilled Cucumber Soup (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 21:27:24
Cioppino (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 05:00:13
Corn and Clam Chowder (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 19:54:42
Corn Chowder (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 23:03:50
Cream of Crab Soup (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 03:22:20
Cream of Mushroom Soup (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 21:33:10
Lowcountry Shrimp Bisque (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 04:28:57
New England Fish Chowder (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 05:25:49
Oyster Bisque (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 04:02:34
Potato Leek Soup (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 23:13:39
Roasted Tomato Soup (Catgurrl)Tue 4/May/2021 19:44:18
Ruth's Three-Mushroom Consommé (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 01:51:51
Savannah Crab Soup with Tomatoes (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 03:12:50
Senate Navy Bean Soup (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 04:49:54
Shrimp and Crab Gumbo (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 05:17:01
Smoked Chicken Corn Chowder (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 20:17:46
Tomato Soup with Basil & Parmesan Cream (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 22:48:53
Watermelon Gazpacho (Catgurrl)Sat 8/May/2021 22:36:42

CATEGORY is SouthernFavorites
Arkansas Frogs' Legs (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 20:53:23
Best Iced Tea Ever (Catgurrl)Wed 5/May/2021 16:56:48
Carolina Jam Croquettes (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 01:20:40
Chicken and Dumplings (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 20:42:02
Deloris's Fried Chicken (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 07:37:29
Deviled Crabmeat Balls (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 21:26:58
Gulf Coast Frogs' Legs (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 21:02:52
Hush Puppies (Catgurrl)Fri 7/May/2021 18:43:46
Lowcountry Shrimp Bisque (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 04:29:08
Okra Fritters with Thousand Island Dressing (Catgurrl)Sun 9/May/2021 23:42:49
Savannah Crab Soup with Tomatoes (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 03:13:03
Shrimp and Rice Croquettes (Catgurrl)Mon 10/May/2021 00:57:14

Jo’s Hot Cross Buns II (Kimberlyn)Tue 11/May/2021 15:47:55
Party Punch (MarlasRecipes)Mon 10/May/2021 10:36:34

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