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HEART HEALTHY RECIPES FOR EVERYONE! Low-Fat, Low-Sodium, Low-Cholesterol... All with Nutritional Analysis and Many with Diabetic Exchanges and WW Points

It is my hope and prayer that these recipes will help all who use them live healthier and happier lives.
Maximum Nutritional Guidelines: FAT 15 gm....(SATURATED FAT 5 gm).... SODIUM 700 mg.... CHOLESTEROL 125 mg. Most of the recipes are under these limits.
If you are new to this site...I say "WELCOME" and suggest that you visit "1st--Make_Your_Own--and--Misc" first to save you time and money and also check out the "Information Station"
NEW RECIPES will be added each week of the month. When "Week-1" comes up again the first recipes will be filed in the proper catagory.
OR: To see which recipes have been most recently added, click on the "what's new" link in the banner above -- recipe titles with ("Phyllis_aka_Filus") behind them are new to my site.
The whole recipe is contained in the 'text' area of the recipe to make it easier to print out
"Alert!" in the recipe title means that one of our watched catagories is a bit high...such as fat or cholesterol. If you see "Adapted from" in the source catagory, this means I have lowered or changed something in the recipe. Salt or sodium and butter are some of the biggest problems in heart disease and high blood pressure; so I have (if I can) lowered or changed them to a reasonable level. If you are not watching sodium go ahead and put it back in. And also 'MCR' means the recipe uses the microwave
RECIPES FROM VOLUMES 1 & 2 (My other site) will be posted as "A-Recipes-From-Other-Web-Site and after a time will be put in their correct catagories.
I started this website just for folks needing Heart Healthy Recipes; however I have now started adding Diabetic Exchanges and WW Points. Sooo if you see 'e-w' behind a recipe's title you will know it has both Exchanges and WWP. or you may see only an 'e' or a 'w'. My aim "Heart Health" has not changed. My recipes still all have nutritional analysis. These other things are just extras. Someday I hope to have all the recipes coded with an 'e' or 'w'
P.S. Comments &/or suggestions; (good or bad); to the 'Guest Book' are appreciated. How else am I gonna know??...OR feel free to e-mail me about a recipe; especially if it is a bad one (You see I can't try them all out). Thanks!

Recipe Categories:
CategoryLast Updated
12_Or_More_Servings (66 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 12:02:43
1st--Make_Your_Own--and--Misc (44 )Fri 27/Apr/2007 13:52:45
A-Holiday-Recipes (80 )Thu 21/Dec/2006 11:59:22
A-New-Recipes-April-Week-3 (25 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 12:26:24
A-New-Recipes-April-Week-4 (32 )Sat 21/Jul/2007 10:33:39
A-New-Recipes-July-Week-1 (26 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 10:33:57
A-New-Recipes-June-Week-2 (19 )Mon 11/Jun/2007 18:09:39
A-New-Recipes-June-Week-3 (10 )Wed 20/Jun/2007 14:47:13
A-New-Recipes-May-Week-2 (33 )Mon 7/May/2007 13:23:15
A-NewRecipes-DECEMBER2008 (2 )Fri 12/Dec/2008 13:12:37
A-Recipes-From-TheOtherWebsite (3 )Fri 27/Apr/2007 13:54:13
A-Vol-2_C-4_Sweet_Breads (35 )Thu 26/Apr/2007 14:10:57
Appetizers-Snacks-Cold (49 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 12:05:30
Appetizers-Snacks-Hot (38 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:59:49
Bars_Brownies_Squares (42 )Thu 18/Jan/2007 11:22:39
Beef (16 )Thu 14/Jun/2007 12:46:15
Beverages (41 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:45:13
Breads-ABM (25 )Sun 12/Nov/2006 14:24:49
Breads-Quick-Savory (17 )Thu 22/Feb/2007 15:23:50
Breads-Quick-Sweet (48 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:56:01
Breads-Yeast-Savory (22 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:23:15
Breads-Yeast-Sweet (16 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:33:26
Breakfast-Brunch (28 )Tue 24/Apr/2007 12:20:08
Broil_Roasted (3 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:53:00
Burgers_Wraps (15 )Thu 1/Mar/2007 17:02:40
Cakes-Cupcakes-Frostings (100 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:31:13
Candy (15 )Wed 28/Mar/2007 13:30:06
Cheesecakes (24 )Thu 8/Feb/2007 15:13:11
Cookies (85 )Tue 24/Apr/2007 12:17:28
Cooking-for-1-and-2 (92 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 12:25:40
Crockpot (65 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 12:07:37
Desserts (70 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 10:51:11
Dips-Spreads-Butters (76 )Tue 24/Apr/2007 11:59:41
Egg-Dishes_Omelets_Frittatas (11 )Wed 28/Mar/2007 15:09:01
Entrees-Casseroles-Bakes (62 )Wed 28/Mar/2007 15:05:08
Fish (42 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 12:14:36
Fruit (39 )Sat 10/Feb/2007 15:03:03
Grill-BBQ-Broil (96 )Thu 14/Jun/2007 12:43:30
IceCreams-Ices-Sorbets (31 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 12:21:30
Jams-Jellies-Preserves (3 )Fri 22/Sep/2006 10:16:24
Lamb (8 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:46:33
Marinades_Rubs (11 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 10:59:23
Meatless-Entrees-Casseroles (69 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:43:51
Meatloaf_Meatballs_Combination (10 )Thu 12/Apr/2007 13:16:27
Mexican (39 )Thu 26/Apr/2007 12:19:49
Muffins (37 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:58:34
Pies-Savory (5 )Wed 28/Mar/2007 14:35:31
Pies-Sweet_Pie-Crusts (88 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:15:05
Pizza (21 )Wed 28/Mar/2007 14:26:54
Pork-Ham (67 )Wed 25/Apr/2007 12:01:21
Potatoes (43 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 12:01:29
Poultry (76 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 12:11:51
Puddings-Custards-Mousse (61 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:28:57
Salad_Dressings__Croutons (18 )Thu 14/Jun/2007 12:36:16
Salads-Fruit (31 )Sun 11/Feb/2007 09:20:17
Salads-Heartier (74 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:08:49
Salads-Vegetable (48 )Wed 28/Mar/2007 13:59:02
Salsa-Relish-Chutney (34 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:20:37
Sandwiches (48 )Wed 28/Mar/2007 13:52:04
Sauces-Condiments-Gravies (36 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 10:47:49
Sauces_Sweet (8 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:01:58
Seafood (25 )Wed 28/Mar/2007 14:22:33
Seasonings (2 )Thu 14/Jun/2007 12:14:55
Side-Dishes (56 )Thu 14/Jun/2007 11:36:47
Sides_Pasta (9 )Fri 27/Apr/2007 13:53:56
Sides_Rice (12 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 10:44:39
Soup-Hot (68 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 12:23:37
Soups-Cold (5 )Sat 6/Nov/2004 12:51:03
Stew-Chili-Chowder (52 )Tue 24/Apr/2007 12:01:39
Stir-Fry_Oriental (63 )Thu 14/Jun/2007 12:30:03
Stuffing (3 )Wed 25/Apr/2007 10:32:58
Sweet-Potatoes_Yams (17 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 10:56:57
TOFU_other_Soy_Ingredients (9 )Wed 28/Mar/2007 14:58:38
Tarts_Crisps_Cobblers_Crumbles (4 )Wed 6/Jun/2007 11:36:25
Veal (4 )Wed 25/Apr/2007 11:19:51
Vegetables (126 )Sat 7/Jul/2007 11:27:01
Waffles_Pancakes_French-Toast (15 )Tue 15/Feb/2005 13:13:39
Z---Recipe-Sources (1 )Wed 9/Jun/2004 10:26:16
Z--FRIENDS-SITES (8 )Thu 5/Feb/2004 12:16:47
Z--Recipe-Sources-Online (6 )Fri 31/Jan/2003 18:02:55
Z-Information_Station (24 )Sun 11/Feb/2007 10:04:13
Z-SodiumSoakedCannedBeans (1 )Mon 23/Jun/2003 22:19:23
Z-Sources-Bibliography (19 )Mon 3/Feb/2003 18:15:13
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